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September 13, 2013


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A great admirer of this man... I once found a quote from MSH:

"I'm not trying to make more money. What I want to do is to find a practical use for what I have and put it to work in a way that will benefit others."
-Milton S. Hershey

Kind of says it all the type of man he was.

Mr. Hershey has had a positive impact on so many people, and so many of those people "pay it forward." What a legacy he left!

Mr. Hershey was born in the "Villiage of Derry Church" in Derry Township. This was named after the Church on Derry Road. Derry Road was a stage coach line that ran from Reading, Pa to Harrisburg. When the Derry Church was built there, the was a Stagecoach stop Across the street. Later, when the Railroad came through, they also placed a stop at Derry Church. This important because latter, Hershey found this stop to be a good place to put his factory. The word "Derry" is Scotish-Irish for "under the Oaks and if one goes to "Derry Church" today, one can see the large white Oaks trees abound. More later!

I worked at the Hershey Hospital, which was like a cottage hospital, before the Medical Center was in existence. I paid for my wedding by working there for six months before returning to the missionary field, newly married. It was a lovely experience!

Every time my father-in-law drives past the Hershey plant at 19 east and sees the destruction he just shakes his head, almost is in tears and says "it's a disgrace!" He is a MHS alumni and was a houseparents for 25 years. Those who sit on the Hershey boards think they know this town..but they have no idea of the high esteem and loving we hold of Mr. Hershey because they didn't grow up in this small town... just tear down all MH legacies and retire and crawl away and hope no one notices......

Is it truly possible to get off kidney dialysis? Australian naturopath states that it really is.

My father, William L. F. Schmehl MHS 1938, researched and wrote a history of Derry Township. His notes and writings were donated to the Drry Township Historical Society. Dad was so proud to be one of Mr. Hershey's boys.

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